Talkin’ Jazz Poster Design

Talkin’ Jazz is an incredible program run by two top-notch Brisbane musician/educators, Dan Hirsch and Euan Cumming. The idea is to support budding, high-school age musicians in their love of jazz with workshops, gig opportunities and a big band. They are dedicated to connecting these young people to real, working jazz musicians with a focus on younger professionals and encouraging women in jazz. I could not be more excited to be associated with this organisation.

I wanted to fill up the poster with all of the energy and individuality of the kids in the program. It was something of a challenge to cram an entire big band into the space but they’re all accounted for (except for one trombonist who’s mysteriously gone walk-about – as they so often do)! I drew on my own experiences in high school bands and had a lot of fun with each character.

I’ve been lucky enough to create new designs for these dedicated educators every year since 2018

2020 FINAL Main Poster
2019 FINAL Main Poster
2021 FINAL Main Poster